Sunday, 16 November 2008

Another poo post (sorry)

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It had been almost 3 weeks since the last real, big poo. This afternoon Erik had been kicking on the floor with his nappy off, and it was only a couple of hours until bath and bed time. "He hasn't been in cloth nappies much" I said to my mum, and thought I'd put one on. So I got it, laid it out on the floor and folded it confidently, explaining to mum as I put it on that if you tuck it around the legs as you bring the middle bit up, you get a neater nappy and that as long as there was no gargantuan poo, it should be fine. I spoke too soon. After the preliminary cleaning up, a bath was in order, and here is a very satisfied, post-bath boy in his lovely hooded towel. All that remained was to soak the nappy, and the cover.

In other news, D'Arcy's second ever course of anti-biotics is going well, and he's going for his mouth X-ray tomorrow, with his step-mother. Day off school. I feel a bit sad - I'd like to go with him for hand-holding, but also glad that he's comfortable enough with her that it's fine if she takes him. I think he's smart enough that if he wants me there he'll ask me, unless he gets into "I don't like to ask because mummy's often busy with Erik and it might be easier if she doesn't have to take me". I'll check in with him tomorrow about that one.

Edit Ah. I just realised that I hadn't blogged about D'Arcy's dental woes. Right.
Last weekend he said "mum, my tooth hurts" and I said "that'll be a trip to the dentist then" and promptly forgot about it (well, he went to his dad's). When he came back to me on Wednesday, A (his step mum) said "I think D'Arcy has an abscess on his tooth". I had a look, and it wasn't pretty. My mum had a look and said "it might be what they used to call a gumboil" she being the tooth-abscess expert in the household. A made an appointment at the dentist for the next morning, and offered to take him. She arrived at my place around lunch time bearing a prescription for penicillin. Turns out he (like his dad) has a mouth too small for all his teeth. His (still emerging) 6 year-old molar on that side is kind of impacted and growing into his 2 year-old molar next to it, causing irritation and infections. This is likely to continue until the 2 year-old molar falls out in 4 years time, by which time there will be even less room in the mouth. His dad had four teeth removed and braces as a teenager. Bugger. Bugger bugger bugger. The mouth X-ray is a precursor to an appt with a paediatric dentist on Wednesday, so we'll see what he has to say. One thing they could do is take out the 2 year-old molar, but as it's 4 years until its permanent replacement is due to grow in, in the meantime the other teeth will all move around to take advantage of the space and the problem continues. He's already got overcrowding in the front where he's lost 4 teeth, but the two middle ones are taking up all that space...Blah.


liz said...

Ah, the poopsplosion. I remember it well.

I'm sorry about D'Arcy's teeth. Poor fellow.

Mummy/Crit said...

He's off to the paediatric dentist tomorrow - he had fun at the x-ray!