Saturday, 29 September 2007

Dress up as your favourite animal day.

Someone wanted to dress up as a lion, and in the manner of Jean-Luc Picard, I made it so.

He was not entirely happy with the result. I think he's just got to the point where he's noticed that other people have opinions, and that he might want to pay attention to them, so he thought that being a lion was a bit daggy. Oh well. I liked it (and it is all about me isn't it?).

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Night (and day) terrors

So D'Arcy watched an episode of Dr Who a few weeks ago which, even by my adult standards, was pretty scary. I didn't realise how scary until quite a way into it. When I did realise, I turned it off (which may have been a mistake - it was the episode with the 'weeping angels' - statues that you had to keep looking at, or else they started to move around, and do bad things to you). D'Arcy had bad dreams that night, related to the show, but it seemed that it was all behind him. Until this week, when they resurfaced. Manifesting as waking up in the night "Mum! I'm scared" and doing this every 15 minutes or so until I wake up enough to turn on the light, at which point he goes back to sleep. They also manifest as being too scared to go into differnt rooms of the house in the evening, including the toilet. On top of this, there's been a scary story doing the rounds at school...

"There's this teenage girl, and she lives through this door under the stairs, near the girls' toilets, and she has this really big knife, like butchers use that cuts through bones, and she has only one eye, and Campbell saw her during the disco, and he had these tranquilisers and a gun, and he shot them at her, but she stopped them with her knife, and she eats anything, and I know it's true 'cos Madeleine told me and she never lies"

And that is roughly how it's told, all in one breath with big wide eyes (poached eggs, thank you Kerry Greenwood).

So, sleepless nights 'r' us right now, and if any of you mummies out there can give me any hints, I'd be thrilled. You see this kind of full-blown panic is very familiar to me, so it's kind of hard to offer support and remain 'the adult'.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

We just got home from the school disco. I'm not sure why they think that the 5-11 age bracket need a disco, but we went along and stood around in the dark with loud music and flashing lights. D'Arcy liked it better this year than last, and spent more time in the hall, rather than in the canteen. He didn't want to dance with any girls, although one dragged him out for a bit of a spin. It's now bed time, but the beloved is thwarting that plan by playing bad old disco music. D is unimpressed.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Sorry for lack of blog.

Here's a snippet of some other stuff we've been up to. The Beloved bought us a new digi camera, which has decent video, but the main gimmick is that it's an underwater digital. Go Olympus!

Anyway, here is the Lego Cat video, complete with whinging.