Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hey Mum! I've decided that I like artichokes!

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It's true. In an unlikely development for fussy eaters everywhere, this one has decided that he likes to eat globe artichokes. It's possible that it's just a vehicle for balsamic vinegar, but even if it is, I'm good with that. He likes the stalk too. Sorry about the mastication photo.

Thursday, 23 August 2007


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D'Arcy said to me the other night, "hey mum! can i use the camera?" "sure" I said. He then proceeded to take about 40 photos almost identical to this one. Very proud of himself. The lens was a bit smeary though.

A few weeks ago the school had its athletics carnival. The first graders all ran in one race of 70 metres. D'Arcy was really geared up for it, even though he hates most kinds of physical activity. The moment arrived and he ran really hard, and came in last (or almost last). Immediately afterwards he was quite disappointed, and aware that he hadn't run as fast as he wanted. Over the weeks however, he's changed what happened. He's now convinced he came third (somehow), and that is connected with how well his dad's girlfriend's daughter ran in her race (she's in Kindy at the same school) and he needed to have done better than she did. Weird.

Unsurprisingly I've been captured by the octopus that is Facebook. I apologise for the inconvenience and normal programming should return soon.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

New fun game

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This photo depicts a game that D'Arcy made up last weekend, If you go to Flickr, by clicking on the photo, you'll see that I've made a set of them, and you ought to be able to view them as a slideshow. The same is true of the jelly photos from the same day!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


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On Sunday, as promised, we made jelly. We started in the morning with the blue, ate some for afternoon tea, and then added tha pink and ate more for dessert. When Flickr gets its shit together there will be a reasonably comprehensive photo essay up there. At the moment it's only loaded 40% of the set, weird. And that was after 3 tries.

D'Arcy is at his dad's house tonight, so I am doing housework, blogging, about to watch Spicks and Specks and also preparint tohave a shower to alleviate some of the pain the osteopath gave me today.

I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today on a child-free whim. It was pretty good, but they messed with the storyline a bit much for my liking.

In other news, I found my first grey hair the other day. Yikes!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Yet another cat post...

To our great surprise, Kovu and D'Arcy have been nominated as Cat of the Month for August at Cats In Boxes. So feel free to go and check it out.

In other news, D'Arcy's dad is still away, and the beloved left for a week long business trip to the US yesterday, so D'Arcy and I are getting a little weary of each other's company. Thank goodness for school, I say. Yesterday we did a small amount of craft, and a larger amount of housework. Today I have promised jelly, after D'Arcy started singing the Aeroplane Jelly jingle in bed this morning. What Wikipedia says about the 4th and 5th lines of the the jingle are pretty true, it's not made of real fruit in any way, and I'm not sure that it ever was. It is good jelly though. I remember some time ago there was a range of native fruit flavours like quandong and lilli pilli, but they are no longer.