Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Poor Excuse for a Blog Post....

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But there are new photos up at flickr...thanks to Sophie the american cousin of the beloved for the Ramones suit, we love it!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Trying to remember how it all works!

We're bumbling along here. D'Arcy fairly predictably got sick last Thursday with some vomiting thing, and we managed to pack him off to his dad's for that night, which was good as it was one of those newborn baby nights where Erik screamed between 3 and 5am. Not much fun. On the upside, he's going really well, putting on weight, feeding nicely and sleeping sometimes (like now). D'Arcy is still the besotted big brother and nothing pleases him more than being asked to hold the baby while I do some other task. There are some more photos at Flickr, but nothing very new I'm afraid. I'm remembering that the first few weeks really are chaos, and that no-one gets much done in the way of housework or personal hygiene, and as for sleep, grab it when you can is the household motto right now!

We've had a few of those reflex smiles from Erik - the ones the baby does in his sleep, or the ones where everyone says "it's just wind:" I don't think it's wind, but I do think he's just practicing for the moment at 4-6 weeks where he really means it. Getting the muscles ready so that they work.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Turns out it was Nesting after all.

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Here's a rundown of my Thursday 5/6/08

2am, wake up for a wee and as I'm getting out of bed think "hmm, that would be my waters breaking". Wake up beloved.

2.30 ring midwife "my waters just broke". She said to go back to bed and try to get some sleep.

4.30am get up again as the contrations are getting more intense and I keep thinking of things that I need to pack in my bag. Ring my mum to come and be with D'Arcy.

5am (ish) contractions are regular and 4 mins apart, so ring midwife again. She says "meet me at tthe birth centre at 5:45"

5:45 arrive at birth centre and get settled in our room.

6:15 midwife does an exam and says "you're only 3 cm dilated, if it was your first baby I'd send you home, but let's see if you crack on in the next hour and a half"

Needless to say we did crack on, and at 8:15 I was holding our new son in the bath where he was born.

D'Arcy was rung, just as he was about to leave for school, and the news was delivered to him. Plans were changed and he and my mum went to her house for a few hours, before coming to the birth centre for a first look at Erik.

Later that day D'Arcy came back to the birth centre to spend the night with us (they have fold out sofas in the rooms for such events, which they encourage) and this photo was taken the next morning (Friday) before D'Arcy did go off to school to tell all his friends his news. As you can see from this photo he is a very proud big brother.

Vital statistics: Weight 3.21kg (7lb1½oz) Length: 50 cm (no imperial translation, sorry) So pretty average size all round. Feeding pretty well, and when the midwife weighed him today he'd only lost 120g)

Forgive us if we're somewhat off the air for the next little while.

Monday, 2 June 2008


I've been cleaning like a maniac today. The kitchen was filthy, and now is less so, but still not perfect. At least those grimy spots on all the door frames and walls where people lean when they're going in or out of a room, or turning on the light are dealt with. As are the kitchen cupboard doors. I just wish I could get to those spots on the kitchen celiing where the beloved dropped a container of chili and it went absolutely everywhere. And whoever invented textured benchtops needs to be taken out the back and shot. Or at least made to clean the bloody things. The boys have both been sick. D'Arcy for weeks it seems, on and off, and the beloved hexed himself by saying "my worst fear is that I'm going to get a cold and be bedridden when you go into labour". Sure enough, he's now in bed, but I'm not yet in labour so that is a good thing. I ought to put a photo with this post, but I can't remember if there are any good ones to upload from the camera. If I find one you'll be the first to know! Now, where are my raspberry Tim Tams?