Thursday, 20 November 2008

Advance apologies to the squeamish.

DARCY teeth 2
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So, here's a picture of the left side of D'Arcy's mouth. As you can see, the 6 y.o molar is, indeed, pushing on the 2 y.o molar. In fact it has almost totally destroyed the root of the 2 y.o molar, leaving a nice space for bacteria to grow into the kind of abscess he had last week. In about 2 weeks the paediatric dentist will take it out, on the grounds that there's plenty more crowding that will have to be dealt with in coming years, so teeth moving around to take up the space isn't such an issue. He will also fill a cavity on the other side, and put a stainless steel cap on another badly decayed tooth. There was a stern lecture on the value of good dental hygiene, at which D protested "my dad doesn't let me clean my teeth". You can probably imagine how this went down! I admitted to complacency, as I have reached the age of 39 with no holes (yay, flouride!) and we have a renewed campaign of toothbrushing twice a day and flossing with the little floss-on-a-stick things that the dentist reckoned would be easier for small people to operate.

D'Arcy is understandably nervous about all of this. He'll be under sedation (because the dentist thinks it's better to do all three at once, so he can't have one done and then get cold feet!) which is a new and scary thing, but is trying to be stoic I think. He's a good fellow really.

Fortunately Erik still has no teeth, though he's been carrying on like a pork chop for the last couple of days, so perhaps they aren't far off.


Julie said...

Wow, I think that's a first for me. In the four years I've been blogging I've seen all kinds of photos and clip art... but never a dental x-ray! Good luck, D'Arcy!

And... question. Carrying on like a PORK CHOP? Is that a common expression in your part of the world? I love it. :-)

Mummy/Crit said...

Well, I'm glad I've made a first for you! And yes "carrying on like a pork chop" is an expression here...not sure of its derivation. Google to the rescue, perhaps?

liz said...

That expression is new to me too. But I'm totally going to add it to my repetoire.

Big hugs to D'Arcy

Jay said...

"Carrying on like a pork chop" is new to me,and I quite enoy it.
I hope all goes well for the poor guy. Dentists aren't so bad, really, but they do have a bad rep.

Mummy/Crit said...

Google is not very helpful about the 'pork chop' expression. Either they confuse it with "going down like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah" which is entirely different (qf "go down like a lead balloon") or they suggest that it comes from US slang of one kind or another. Odd, given that it's pretty solidly Australian from what I can tell.

I'm glad you liked it!

Mummy/Crit said...

This is an interesting link that some of you might find amusing. (Their pork chop derivation includes the slightly anti-semitic one, but also the more practical one that when you cook a pork chop on a barbie or in a frying pan, it spits and makes a lot of noise.)