Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Welcome to my world...

So the beloved said to me last night "you haven't blogged the toilet paper incident yet?" "No. Should I?" Apparently I should. Erik is now at the point where if he's left alone for any amount of time he'll get into whatever he's not supposed to. This time it was the toilet. I'm hoping we'll learn to keep the door closed soon. I think what is best about this pic (apart from the fact that he's just about to shove another piece in his mouth) is the distance over which he has scattered shreds of paper.

Goodness, his left eye really does turn in, doesn't it? We've got an appointment with an ophthalmologist in May to with luck he'll let us know if we need to do anything about it. The 'anything' will be patching the good eye for a while to make the turning one stronger, which, while it's obviously a better option than surgery, i can't imagine he's going to love it at all.

D'Arcy had a spectacular little boy event last week. He was buggering around in his classroom (it was raining, believe it or not) with a mate, who grabbed him and catapaulted him into his desk. Result: teeth/lip interface and lots of blood. Two neat holes in his bottom lip where his bottom teeth went in and two more marks below. I don't think they went all the way through - I think the marks are from his top teeth - imagine if you bite your your bottom lip - your top teeth are below your lip, and your bottom teeth are on your lip. Or something. Of course, despite being the injured party he was the one who "got in trouble". His teacher isn't very understanding, and he was being an idiot before it happened, so I can kind of see her point, but a little more sympath would be nice, and a little more even handedness - I don't think anything happened to the other kid who probably played the "I was trying to stop him running" card. Grr.

edit Forgot to add: Ezz iz not longer a vampire. His top teeth are coming in at last. Left one is first, but right is not far behind. And he'll be 10 months next week.