Wednesday, 21 April 2010


We had a family holiday. First ever really. My sister lives up near Tweed Heads (right on the NSW/Qld border) so we went to visit her. It was Erik's first plane trip, which he quite enjoyed, especially when the space waitress offered him an apple.
appy appy on the planegoing there

We went to the shop at Tropical Fruit World, where you can buy all kinds of exciting things without having to pay the exorbitant entry fee to the orchard, and played on their playground for a while.
Playing on the playground at TFW

We ate dragonfruit frozen yoghurt,
dragonfruit frozen yoghurt at Tropical Fruit World

bought Rollinia, which is related to custard apple and really yummy with some lime juice,

and dragonfruit.
Dragonfruit (the yellow ones are the yummiest ones)

But rollinia was Erik's fave.
eating rollinia

We went to Dreamworld
D'Arcy and Laura on a ride
teacup ride in Wiggles world
as you do, when you have kids. It was exhausting for me, as I carried E most of the time, and there was lots of standing around. One of the standout rides was the log-ride, which was very splashy, but a lot of fun. Erik's other favourite was the Wiggles World section of the park.

The beach was a popular place with all the boys.
Cabarita beach

All up, a success. Would do it again.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Not a fabulous title for a blog post, but as we've been at the National Folk Festival for the weekend, kind of appropriate. Actually, mainly appropriate because "stabby" is the closest Erik can get to saying "festival" which is quite cute. We had a good time, though I got really tired, wrangling E by myself for 4 days. We arrived on Thursday, with D'Arcy who announce on arrival that he was feeling sick. He lasted about half an hour before he needed to be taken home, whereupon he went to bed, only to reawaken 2 hours later with a raging fever. I managed to get his dad to take him for a few days, which left me and Erik free to go and play.

Erik's highlight was the Icarus Performance Troupe who were three roving street performers dressed as giant kangaroos on stilts with springs in them. "roo? jump. roo? talk. roo? big." are some of his conversational gems. He talked about them all day on Friday, including when he woke up in the night! By Sunday, D was better enough to join us. His highlight was playing with Ampersand Duck's son Bumblebee, and getting weed on by another street performers dog accomplice. Erik also loved playing with B and has a name for him now. "B, chase!" and "boys" (meaning D and B)...

I had a lot of fun, despite it being exhausting, and caught up with lots of friends.

In other news, Erik has been feeding his cat, Ow, at mealtimes...

This meal was pasta and I think Ow enjoyed it quite a lot!