Thursday, 30 July 2009

Yes, I know, it's another video

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist this one...

I took Mort to the vet yesterday, to get his claws trimmed after he took a piece out of Erik's eyebrow last week, and to get his weird cough checked. Perhaps he's just got the cold we've all had. Erik was very generous in sharing his around. Joyce was hit particularly hard and has been going through a box of tissues a day.

There are now a bunch of photos up at Flickr that I've taken over the last couple of weeks...



liz said...


I've watched the video twice and still can't figure it out!

HT said...

Even more mysterious: how, for Pete's sake, can you manage not to laugh????? Mum and I have been totally falling about!!

Mummy/Crit said...

Liz - it's a big cat carrier, and Kovu was kind of squashed at the end, and then kind of on top of E.

Haitch - I was laughing pretty hard, but managed not to wobble the camera too much. You can see some shake. Hello to Val!

What you can't see is that the reason he's upset at the end is because the leg of his pants gets hooked on the door of the cat cage and he can't get off!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

I am lying in bed and catching up on your videos, how fantastic they are and he is. Your cat is certainly long suffering!!!
Erik is such a super looking kid. I do hope I can come and see him some time soon.
Love to you all.
Melbourne Jan