Saturday, 11 July 2009


OK. So on Thursday, the bloke finally got on to the turkeys at the US consulate who said "Ooh, that's not right. Luckily it's still in our computer system, so send us the original and we'll fix it." So he did. They claim they'll send it back by registered post.

In the meantime this has been happening a lot.

This particular vid was taken at my friend Amanda's house (which is much tidier than mine, and has lovely cork tiles on the floor) where we went for a play yesterday. Erik was particularly taken by Emily's red ribbon, which she tried to take away from him several times (she's three) but he held on to it and flapped it some more.

Dylan and D'Arcy had a great play together. Dylan is 11 months younger than D'Arcy, and their relationship has been interesting. They haven't seen each other much over the last couple of years, so there's always an adjustment period when they play together. They're both the kind of boy who wants to impress the other, so that can go badly, but yesterday there wasn't much of that. D'Arcy was really keen to go, and they got straight into it when we got there. Emily felt a bit left out though, she usually gets Dylan to herself to play with, and she didn't much like having Erik around I think.

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