Sunday, 28 September 2008

From this:

To this:

Well, it's not quite a reliable replacement yet, but I think we're on the way. he's certainly sucking it a lot when he's awake.

In other news, he did roll over a couple of times the other day (front to back), but then forgot how.

D'Arcy is on school holidays this week and next, so I'm trying to think of amusing diversions for him, without much success. We might go down the coast a bit in the second week, depending on how we go this week. He's been a bit sick again lately. This winter term is so hard on young kids, it goes on for ever with no public holidays to give them a break, and they all get sick. D's teacher said that there were only 14 in the class for the last couple of days (out of 23)!

Having the MIL here has been good, very low-key, and she's thrilled to see her grandson. He's the only grandchild she will ever have, so it's pretty special for her. I'll try to get some photos of her with him for the American relatives to see


Michelle said...

Look at those dark brooding eyes! He's going to break hearts, that one.

Have a great school holiday!

Mummy/Crit said...

Thank you!! On all counts, and we still need to catch up for a cuppa some time.

the americans said...

I love the new photos! Hope you are getting better sleep and enjoying your MIL.

Our love to you all.....

Anne & Mel