Sunday, 18 May 2008

Scary, huh?

3 in a row
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As of last Monday, D'Arcy has lost 3 teeth in a row from the top, this leaves a massive gap, through which he can poke his tongue, but claims he can't poke a straw. I don't believe it for a minute. He has at least one more wobbly tooth (on the bottom), and some of the new ones are growing in now.

A week of marriage, and not much is different, but I heard from various adults in D'Arcy's school life that he'd been tellling them about the wedding.

My belly has expanded alarmingly. Well, it hurts and the midwife was slightly alarmed, especially when I told her it's been hurting and I feel like throwing up most of the time. She suggested rest, hot water bottles and Panadol, which is helping, but I'm totally buggered all the time now. I'd like to be cleaning and going for walks, but I just can't summon the energy. If I can't do it with a hot water bottle on my belly, it can't be done. Lots of time on Facebook (feel free to look for me) playing Scrabble is on the agenda for the next little while.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! Come back again soon-
Yankee Transferred

Mummy/Crit said...

No worries, YT. I've been enjoying your photo a day, though I tend to catch up in chunks. Thanks for visiting mme!

Julie said...

Ooooh, I hope you feel better soon! That last trimester sure saps your strength, doesn't it.

I love D'Arcy's gap. My older kids lost their teeth gradually; I don't remember either of them having big gaps like that. Maybe when my little guy reaches the age I'll finally have the pleasure. :)

Mummy/Crit said...

Julie, I lost mine gradually too, so the big gap is really novel for me.

I don't remember the third trimester being so soul destroying last time, but I wasn't 38 then either...

Fi said...

I love the angle from which you took that photo - makes his head look really big! Laura's going to lose her 8th tooth any minute now (she thought for sure it'd come out before bed tonight but it didn't) which will mean she has 2 big teeth in the middle at the top and a gap either side of that. All the bottom ones are fully grown big teeth. She lost the middle ones about 10 months ago but for a while she was a bit gappy there. Not like D'Arcy though! I'll show Laura his photo tomorrow.

Not long to go now - only a week or two till the due date, right? I had a dream the other night that you had just given birth - can't remember it at all really but I had to remind myself that it wasn't real the next day! Weird.

Mummy/Crit said...

Did her tooth fall out yet? It's such a look, small mouth with massive teeth in it. Lots of D's friends are there.

Due in a few weeks, yeah. Pretty much as ready as we can be now.

liz said...

Wow! That is a big gap! MM's top middles are wiggly, his bottom middles are all grown in.

Take good care of yourself and the beeb.