Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Day

In a nutshell...

Here we are with our celebrant. The thing on the tripod is a microphone, connected to the laptop which facilitated a Skype video hookup with St Paul, where the beloved's family are.

We had a lovely day, very small, with just my immediate family and one friend each. Went to a restaurant in the country for fabulous lunch, and then home for more drinks (for the drinkers amongst us).

You can see a bit of my belly in this shot, and when I get it together I'll put more photos up on Flickr.

Edit: and now I have. The ones that are there so far were taken by my sister, on my camera. There'll be more soon taken by my dad and step-father.


Julie said...

Oh my! (Did you mention you were planning this and I missed it?) My very best congratulations to you all! Can't wait to see more pix. :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations! It sounds like it was such a wonderful day. And we had the same celebrant as you (as I think half of Canberra has).

ThirdCat said...


Mummy/Crit said...

Julie - no I didn't mention it - it was so small, and we didn't want people to get too excited, or feel like they were missing out. There was no way we could do anything bigger than that right now!

Michelle - he seems to be one of the few non-new-age ones around. We talked to a woman as well, and she seemed fine, but when we met her she was wearing a rainbow caftan, and that was a bit off-putting. We wanted someone who would respect our desire for a very bare-bones wedding, and he was good.

3C - thanks! It's a funny thing getting married (again). My best mate (who was one of the 2 non-family guests) said he liked it better this way.

Ampersand Duck said...

As Zoe and I were saying only yesterday, first husbands are the new black, dahling.

Oh super-dooper congratulations, you two beautiful people! Did D'arcy enjoy it?

Sara said...

I am so thrilled for all three and a half of you. Jay looks very happy :) Blessings to you all-we miss you.

And now that our house sold, we can actually contemplate a trip down your way in a year or two!

Mummy/Crit said...

Duck - yes, I tried to leave a comment about first husbands being a necessary but annoying reminder about how good things are now, but it got wordpressed. D'Arcy had a good time, but he was a bit sick I think - very tired. He got distracted by the laptop a bit, spent a lot of time watching the Americans.

Sara - Really?!?! A visit?? That would be great! Miss you too. Jay was very sweet (cried more than I did in the ceremony, which mum thought was lovely).

liz said...

Congratulations! I'm all verklempt.