Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Look ma, no teeth

Look ma, no teeth
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D'Arcy's third tooth fell out on the weekend and he has three more wobbly ones - the other top one, and the one next to it, and a bottom one. Apparently the tooth fairy didn't leave him any money, although he then said "she hid it under my Pokemon cards, and made the water in the glass blue". Weird things happen at his dad's house sometimes.

In other news his new teacher's first day was today, she seems pretty good so far, she has a 6 year old daughter called Darcy. D is bit self-conscious about this, but I've explained to him before, and I did again, that when we named him, we didn't think of it as a girl's name at all. It really isn't here, not like in the US. It's an old school Aussie blokes name, a bit Irish. We named him for D'Arcy Niland who was married to Ruth Park , and wrote The Shiralee amongst others.

We've had some wild dog/cat action. The dog has been a bit stir crazy since the beloved has been away, and he hasn't been getting the exercise he needs, so he's been sleeping on my bed, the sofa, D'Arcy's bed, and the cats' bed (photos on Flickr). Tonight he disgraced himself by ripping into an unopened bag of dried food I'd left in the kitchen. Perhaps he was trying to get his own back for my forgetting to feed him at all last night. Obedience training started a couple of weeks ago, and it is interesting to learn how to train him. It's going fairly well so far, though we missed last week's class, and at some point the arrival of a new family member is going to intervene. I pointed out to D'Arcy today that the baby is due in about 6 weeks, and he was surprised I guess I'm surprised too.


Julie said...

Awww, love that gap-toothed smile! And wow, only 6 weeks to go. Hope you're feeling all right! :)

Mummy/Crit said...

Thanks Julie, not going too bad considering that I've been on my own for 3 weeks now. Beloved gets back on Saturday (and with any luck he got his suit altered in Chicago so he can get married in it next week, and got his MN drivers' licence so he can vote in November)

Mummy/Crit said...

world's smallest wedding, btw, in case anyone feels left out...immediate family and one friend each.

infoaddict said...

Well there had better be photos, that's all :)

I was actually commenting (for the first time!! Hello Crit from the wilds of Tarago!!) to respond to dogtraining stuff ... we were meant to have our kelpie puppies in the Belconnen puppy training classes but entered too late and they were booked out, and they're going just a TAD stir-crazy 'cos we really don't have the time/ability to train them properly. They keep wanting to go out and chase sheep and kangaroos, which is a recipe for a bullet behind the ear around here :(

Where are you doing your training? Love to hear details :) (yeah, yeah, I have a very narrow focus. I guess I could always talk about chooks instead ;) ).

- Fiona (random Bilby)

Mummy/Crit said...

Hey Fiona, there'll be photos, don't you worry. Good to get you out of lurkerdom...

We're at BDOC (in Mitchell)doing the grown-up dogs level 1 obedience which is very basic and good for where we're at. LArry is probably one of the least obedient dogs in the the class. We tried to get in to the last class (Feb) so I wouldn't be so pregnant, but they were full for that, so we got in this time. It's pretty good so far.

My mum and her dog are doing the class too, so that is fun (and meant that when I missed last week's class she could tell me what happened.) So I reckon if they put you on the waiting list for the next round that is a good thing. In the meantime I might be able to get you some info from them.

infoaddict said...

DAMN!! So if we'd got in, we could actually have caught up once a week?? *hits self over head a lot*

Mind you, we were trying for the puppy training, not grown-dog training. Although 6-month-old kelpies aren't really puppies any more ... more like very awkward rebellious adolescents ...

Maybe we could offer to take Larry to the training whilst you're off trying to remember what sleep is, and we could sneak our two in. Reckon that would work??? *innocent*

And in case I forget to de-lurk again, may your teeny little sweet wedding be ... well, sweet and gorgeous and just plain wunnderful. And if you get the yen to go camping-in-comfort, we've got 100 acres of bush and a sodding 'uge house to play in. Dogs welcome as we also have kelpie-proof fencing. Chooks also welcome :) (unfortunately we can't do cats tho' 'cos mine would get narky).