Saturday, 2 October 2010

Early Morning Conversation

Scene: Bedroom. Mummy on one side of a double bed, Erik rolled all the way to the other side and kind of hanging off the edge. Dog on the floor between the bed and the door.

Car pulls up outside and doors slam.

Dog: Ro-ro-ro-ro
Mummy: Shut up Larry, it's the neighbours.
Erik (rolls over): Hi Mum!
Mummy: Hi Wes.
Erik (sits up): I am checking something out right over there.
Mummy: I know, you were falling off.
Erik: I not find any bagel chips.
Mummy: No. You wouldn't. We're in bed.
Dog: woof
Erik: Larry woofing, tiny bit.
Mummy: Yes, he's a dog.


I'm not a morning person.


liz said...

Good place to look tho.

Mummy/Crit said...

yeah, I dunno if he was dreaming, or just playing with me...