Saturday, 17 July 2010

Actually, no.

Not chinchin fox after all. Which means we don't know what it is. I'm now thinking some kind of insect bites (but what?) and have washed/vacuumed all his bedding and snuggly toys (sorry Ow) to see if that fixes it. The doctor suggested scabies, but it's not really typical of that either. Sigh...

Daddy came home a week ago, and E is loving having him back, but it's sometimes a case of "No! No Daddy. Mummy up!" which is a bit hard on them both.

I took D to see Toy Story 3 on Wednesday, which we both loved. D keeps wannting to tell the beloved all his favourite bits, but I've talked him out of it, on the grounds that we will probably buy it on DVD and I don't want all the best jokes spoiled.

D has been (and got us) hooked on Masterchef over the last couple of months, even E likes it "Massachef on?", and we were sad to see some of our favourite chefs eliminated recently. I always think there could be a lot more cooking and a lot fewer ads though. I've taken to turning the volume down during them, as D has a tendency to want to sing along or recite them, and it drives me beserk, being prone to earworms as I am! I'm also trying to make him see that the ads are not vital, and are in fact an interruption, though they do provide an opportunity to get up and go to the toilet, or make a cup of tea, or change the toddler's nappy, or have a chat with your companions and bring them up to speed on the bits of the show they've missed.

School holidays are now finished, so back to school next week. D is simultaneously excited and annoyed. He doesn't like school, but the school term means that basketball training, and games, resume.


liz said...

Sorry about the rash, but glad you are all doing well!

Jay said...

So good to hear from you!

Has it all cleared up by now? :)

I shouldn't tease - gosh, what if it hasn't?