Monday, 2 February 2009

Breakfast tales

As my Facebook friends will know, Erik has a new favourite food for breakfast - mangoes! Here he is having a go of the seed. Sadly the season is coming to an end, with the yummy Kensington Pride variety already over to be replaced by the ridiculously oversized and comparitively bland R2E2.

It's been bloody hot here, but not as bad as Adelaide or Melbourne where is has been well over 40°C. In Adelaide it's been that for about a week now. My coping mechanism has been to go to the local pool if I have D'Arcy, or one of the local malls if I don't. Both strategies work fairly well, though the house is hideous when I get home.

Erik is almost crawling, as one of the other Flickr photos will show. He can wriggle backwards to almost any location in the house. Under the liquor cabinet is a favourite, and I'm hoping it doesn't say something about his coming years, though if he's anything like his father....

And I can now bring you some footage of Erik scooting in his Bumbo. Not to reach a power cord, or the fridge magnets, but some plastic shopping bags. Notice how Erik checks his trajectory and makes a correction, I was particularly impressed by that. Cameo by Larry's tail.

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