Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Moving right along...

So the poo post wasn't very popular in terms of comments was it? Sorry. We got to 10 days, just in case you were wondering.

I bumped into a friend at the shops the other day who I haven't seen since Erik was born, but she said "I've been reading your blog" and so she knew that E had arrived. She said "I found out about it through X" which was also a surprise, as i didn't know that she was reading either. Perhaps it's time I got a stat counter? What do people recommend? On that note, kind of, if you're lurking, please leave a comment now and then so that I know that you're out there!!

My mum's sister-in-law (who is known as 'Melbourne Jan' to distinguish her from my mum, or 'real Jan' as D'Arcy once called her) was visiting for the weekend. She brought a lovely quilt that she made for E. So far I only have a dodgy photo but it's better than nothing! It really is stunning, and I'm thrilled! She made me one when my marriage ended and I moved out of the house that I loved and away from my chickens, garden and cat, that I'll have to post a pic of some time. Anyway, here's Erik on his quilt, having some 'tummy time' to stop his head going flat on the back!

The other good acquisition news we have is that the box of Obama campaign merchandise we ordered a few weeks ago arrived today. They don't ship internationally, so we had to go through a dramatic rigmarole of getting it sent to a friend who sent it on to us. Here is someone displaying his son, dressed in his Obama-baby onesie. We got big people T-shirts too, but they'd run out of the kids sizes, so D gets a sticker instead. He's quite interested in the process of elections at the moment, since our federal last year. The household Americans have already voted, and sent their ballots off to be counted. Phew. I'm now quite optimistic about the results of this one. Shame I can't vote.

Off to put the small boy in the bath, and hope that Blogger's current spasm of inability to save fixes itself!


Julie said...

Well dangit, I loved your poo post, and I had meant to leave a comment. This is the problem with reading by RSS... you compose a comment in your head while you're reading, and then you forget to actually go there and type it in.

I love it that Obama even has supporters on the other side of the world!!!

For stats counters, Sitemeter works great for me.

Mummy/Crit said...

Hey thanks Julie! I thought that other mothers might have something to say about poo (we always do when we get together) but wondered if you were all too shy to do it in public!

I don't know much about rss, but my mate in the Hague asked me to turn it on so she could read on her phone on the train (hi Haitch!)

I will investigate sitemeter...thanks

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, what Julie said, RLY!

Sorry, I've been a bad blogfriend.

liz said...

I loved your poo post. And I truly love that your household has voted and gotten BLING!!!

Mummy/Crit said...

well. I'm glad it wasn't all that bad then.

I have phases of being a bad blogfriend too, Ducky. Like now.

Liz I'm thrilled with my t-shirt and bumper stickers...

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

How lovely to know about your blog....and to read about Erik and your quilt, you are a dear thing. Thanks for the message Love Melbourne Jan