Sunday, 22 June 2008

Trying to remember how it all works!

We're bumbling along here. D'Arcy fairly predictably got sick last Thursday with some vomiting thing, and we managed to pack him off to his dad's for that night, which was good as it was one of those newborn baby nights where Erik screamed between 3 and 5am. Not much fun. On the upside, he's going really well, putting on weight, feeding nicely and sleeping sometimes (like now). D'Arcy is still the besotted big brother and nothing pleases him more than being asked to hold the baby while I do some other task. There are some more photos at Flickr, but nothing very new I'm afraid. I'm remembering that the first few weeks really are chaos, and that no-one gets much done in the way of housework or personal hygiene, and as for sleep, grab it when you can is the household motto right now!

We've had a few of those reflex smiles from Erik - the ones the baby does in his sleep, or the ones where everyone says "it's just wind:" I don't think it's wind, but I do think he's just practicing for the moment at 4-6 weeks where he really means it. Getting the muscles ready so that they work.


ThirdCat said...

I love babies. And yours looks like a beauty.

Mummy/Crit said...

Thanks TC, I think he's a keeper. Even at 3 am. Mostly. Well, you know how it goes!

Julie said...

Eh, I never believed those first smiles were simply reflexes. :) Erik is adorable. Hope the besotted big brother feels better soon!

Mummy/Crit said...

I don't mind that they're not connected to people, they're still very cute.

D is better thank you, he was better the next day, but still had the day off 'cos he'd been spewing the day before. He's still pleased with his baby.