Sunday, 21 October 2007

school holidays

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In the second week of the holidays we got around to doing all the things we were going to do in the first week, except we got sick. So we had haircuts, and lunch and merry-go-round rides in town. All on the same day. D'Arcy is looking pensive, which is by far the best facial expression for a merry-go-round. Except perhaps one of excitement. Still, you never quite know where you are with things that spin.

School has been back for a week. Someone has a birthday coming up, and someone else has to organise the party, so it's all systems go here. i still haven't found out what kind of cake he wants. Last year we got him an ice-cream cake from a local ice-cream maker, but i fear it may be too late for that. I'll giver her a ring tonight and find out, but I'll need to know a design for her...

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