Friday, 13 July 2007

New name

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The cat formerly known as Mickey is now known as Mortimer. They are both settling in well, though Kovu is much more confident in the house than Morti - any noise sends him bolting for the laundry. He is getting more relaxed as time goes by. We shut them in the laundry at night and when we go out, as we're still teaching them that they aren't allowed on the table or benches, or allowed to scratch on the carpet.

D'Arcy's dad chose the school holidays to have a holiday himself (away from D'Arcy) so that means that D is spending most of the holidays here, which is a bit of a challenge, as I have to work Monday and Tuesday, but we're still managing to have some fun. The cats are a good distraction, as are some friends he's been playing with. Yesterday we went to see Shrek, which I didn't think was as funny as the last two, and today we went ice-skating for the first time ever for either of us. It was really hard, but fun. I fell down hard once, which has left me with a headache, and a sore hip. D'Arcy spent a lot of time flailing around looking like a cartoon character and falling over, but he enjoyed it, on the whole.


Julie said...

Ooooh, Mortimer is a perfect name!

And now I understand the ice skating reference. I hope you're not too bruised! :) I love ice skating, though my kids (so far) haven't really taken to it. My daughter has just started roller skating, though, so maybe this winter she'll want to go on the ice...

Lever said...

Last time I went ice skating ('86) I fell over and my friend skated over my fingers... luckliy I still have them all. And my fingers :)

Mortimer's a good name, in England I'd make sure he had a sidekick called Reeves (Reeves & Mortimer - a comedy partneship from a few years back) :)

Mummy/Crit said...

Thanks for the cat name support folks! Morti is a good cat, but he's still very skittish, and tends to scratch or bite with very little provocation.