Thursday, 19 July 2007

Cat Help

cat help
We have had a good two weeks holidays here. Getting the cats at the beginning was a good idea. D loves to play with Kovu and Kovu is a pretty good player all round. We had friends over today, and everyone played well together. Even Mort came out of the laundry to see what was going on.

Questions and Thoughts
Why is it that cats like to help? Morti corners so fast sometimes that he loses his footing and ends up sideways on the floor. Then I laugh at him and he gets up in a hurry, pretending that he 'meant to do that'. What is it with cats and boxes?
cat in a box

And how many cats can you fit on one cat tower anyway?
Angels on the head of a pin... or something


Julie said...

I can answer your question about cats and boxes. You see, cats are prepositional creatures. They are never content just to be. They have to be "above" "below" "behind" "between" "in" "under" "over" etc. Prepositional creatures.

Lever said...

They're great little personalities aren't they? I just love cats so much, so independent, so cool.

Heh, my boy used to squeeze his arse into silly sized boxes... I should dig some pics out and throw 'em up on flickr someday :)

Mummy/Crit said...

Julie, that's an interesting idea...I like it a lot. My buddy H used to have a cat with whom she would have a prepositional argument regularly. H had fibromyalgia, and didn't want to be sat on by the cat. So the argument would go...
Cat: On
H: No, beside.
Cat: No, ON
H: No, BESIDE! etc

Lever, the more preposterous the box, the better. I used to have a photo of a childhood cat sitting in a shoebox. The cat was large, and the shoebox was for a pair of shoes owned by my (then) 2 year old sister...

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, I've been under a rock, mentally and just discovered these beauties!

Belated congratulations on furry mummihood, even if Jay is dragged along kicking and screaming!

o wot fun!

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh -- and a tip for anyone trying to keep a cat off them (from ex-boyfriend-allergic-to-cats experience):

Slitty eyes in cat-language is I LURV YOU, GET OVER HERE YOU BIG PUSS.

So don't scowl at a cat and narrow your eyes. Say NO firmly with big, wide open scary eyes.

Truly, it works. Unless your body odour (in the case of men, especially) is just toooooo scrummy.

Mummy/Crit said...

Duck, I like that advice. Actually he likes them quite a bit. So keeping them off him isn't too much of a problem. He just prefers dogs. And yeah, I'm totally besotted with these boys.