Friday, 29 June 2007


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Today was "Crazy Random Dress Day" at school. We got three days' notice of this one, and inspiration was at an all time low. So I said "how about wearing your skeleton jammies? They're cool, and if you do that you won't have to get dressed in the morning". I've never seen someone so enthusiastic about something for a long time. He was happy about it all day too. As we walked into school we got to see some of the other kids ideas on what 'crazy' and 'random' was. My favourite was the kid who had put on his school uniform, but backwards, and inside out.

In other news, the deck is now finished. Expect photos soon, now that it's stopped raining for a while. Gotta take D to his dad's tomorrow, and people coming for dinner tomorrow night, so a bit busy for the next 24 or so.


Julie said...

Crazy Random Dress Day... I love it!

Mummy/Crit said...

Yeah, it was quite a hoot, and much less pressure on parents to come up with a 'costume'.