Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sport pt 2

There's a small post-script to the last entry on sport. Yesterday was D's rugby game. The opposition were from a country town about an hour away. They were also on the top of the ladder. They turned up with not enough players, so in order for them not to forfeit, some of our boys played on their team. I'm not sure if they were drafted, or if the coach took volunteers, but D'Arcy was one of the ones to play for them. His attitude to it was a bit odd, in that he said afterwards that he tried to sabotage them. I don't think much that he could do would influence the result, as he's really still pretty clueless about the game. In the end, his school team won, but not by a great margin, and the boys who played for the other team got a 'courage award'. So we'll see if that has any effect on how he feels about the game in general. I couldn't stay to watch, as E had a birthday party to attend, and the beloved had to stay home and supervise the electricity company put our power underground (and drive over our garden tap with the cherry-picker, as it turned out, but they fixed it by the time we got home from the party).

And now, the beloved has gone to the US for 2 weeks for some work, but he's bringing his mother back for another visit. She hasn't beebn for a while, as funds were too tight last year to get her over, so it'll be good for her to see the boys again!


liz said...

I vote that you find a Lego Robotics team and let him go in for that.

Love the cake from two posts back.

Love the idea of a school hat. Wish MM's school would adopt a uniform, as he gets stuck picking out what he should wear.

Mummy/Crit said...

Lego robotics?

Pretty much all the schools here have some kind of uniform, whether they're government (his old school) or private (the new one) the main difference is that the uniform is much more rigid and compulsory at the private school. The govt schools at primary level generally have a polo shirt with a logo, worn with tracksuit pants, or shorts or skirt, depending on the season. High schools tend towards having a "colour code" with jeans being an accepted part of that somehow.

Where we are the Govt schools all have a "no hat, no play" policy, where the hat can be a cap, or a full broad-brimmed number, or anything in between, and may or may not have the school logo on it. The new school doesn't enforce that rule during the winter term, as the Cancer Council now recommends that in order to get enough vit D, we have heads uncovered in the dead of winter. It's still possible to get a good sunburn at this time of year though.

I can't imagine what it would be like having to choose clothes for school every day :-/