Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I did some Christmas baking on a day when it was not too hot, but it was still too hot to roll the pepparkakor out, so they ended up a bit puffy I think, and the pig turned into a wombat, but I like the idea of a pepparkakor wombat. I have more dough in the freezer to slice and bake when it cools down a bit (assuming it does).

This boy has a plan...


Fortunately for everyone, it didn't work out.

D'Arcy's knee is just about better. I haven't got any really gory pics of it, but I will take one post-stitches when he comes here tomorrow. He's still quite worried about it, he doesn't want to go swimming, sadly as it's been bloody hot here. I've had enough hot already, and there's plenty more to come apparently.

I think all the present shopping is done as of today, we went down the charity gift route for each other quite a bit this year - we've got things for the boys, or will get. D'Arcy needs a new bike, but we'll get it after, as we need him to measure how big it should be.


Jay said...

Puffy cookies are just as edible as any others! I hope you enjoyed some lovely holidays and that the new year will be kind to everyone, including poor D'Arcy's knee.

Mummy/Crit said...

Jay!! So good to see you around! Happy New Year to you too. The knee is better now, but he's been sick with a stomach thing that he gave to Erik, who has a spectacular spotty rash as a result.