Saturday, 7 November 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Again. Third since August for E. The beloved has gone to the US for two weeks and this weekend is crazy busy, but we're half way through now. Today was D'Arcy's school fete, his second basketball game, and a visit from some long lost cousins of my step-father's simultaneously. We were also supposed to provide someone to do scoring for basketball, but I managed to get out of that. As it was, with E sick, D's step-mum picked him up and took him to the fete. I went for about half an hour, mainly to rendevous with mum, who picked D up to take him to basketball on the other side of town before she went to lunch with the cousins. My dad then picked D up from basketball, and took him back to his house for lunch and a game of chess. They came back here, and I went out and picked up D's birthday cake, leaving E with Dad and D, which worked out OK, as he'd had a 2 hour sleep and wasn't too hot. Blah. Tomorrow is D's birthday party at the local laser-tag place. Also complicated by the fact that his dad has gone to Qatar for a week, but mum is freed up a bit to help with the party. I just want this weekend, and in fact, this fortnight to be over!

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