Saturday, 20 December 2008

Finally, the dental update.

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Recovering well from the dental woes now. He's quite pleased with his new pirate tooth, and has been warned not to eat Minties, toffee or Redskins while he has the crown, due to the risk of it separating from the tooth. Not a lot more to relate. He's kept the tooth in a surgical bag that the dentist put it in, but hasn't yet left it out for the tooth fairy. it's all at his dad's so I can't put a pic in here right now. It only had two roots left, which is kind of scary, but means it came out easily. He coped well with the sedation, but it took a long time for him to come 'round afterwards, and he was wobbly for the rest of the day. The hole is healing up nicely, but still looks a bit scary, so I have kindly not included a pic of that either.

Erik is still toothless, but I keep thinking it can't be long now. He can sit unsupported for a very short time, and we celebrated his half birthday by going to the annual birth centre picnic and seeing our midwife who is still lovely. Erik sat with her for about 20 mins, after a bit of screaming initially. He's reached that point of "ooh, strangers, not sure about this" but with some people it doesn't happen still. There's a cafe we go to sometimes, and the (Vietnamese) proprieter took him around to meet all her cow-orkers last time we were there. He was fine. Not a squeak, no complaining at all.

D'Arcy has gone to his dad's for an early christmas tomorrow, and he'll come back to me on Tuesday or Wednesday. I got a phone call fthis evening from someone at a mail order company where I ordered a Meccano set for D. The woman was very apologetic, and said that the set I'd ordered has sold out, but that she would upgrade us to another (more expensive) set at no extra cost, and it would be couriered to us on Monday. So here's hoping. I'm impressed so far, will update when it turns up (or not).

Yet again, I have failed to send cards to my friends and loved ones. I actually looked at some photos form a forgotten camera yesterday, hoping to find an appropriate one of the boys to make into cards, but to no avail. Sorry. Especially to anyone who has sent one to us. I think all the present buying is finished, so it's time to stop stressing I guess!


Zoe said...

Crit, you have a six month old baby! No-one expects a card ;)

Mummy/Crit said...

lucky enough! thanks Z.

liz said...

That is some pirate tooth!!

And I can't believe the little one is SIX MONTHS already!

Mummy/Crit said...

I know, LIz, it's scary where the time goes when they're tiny. i go into work regularly to visit, and can't believe I've been away for 6 months. I'd worked on the Tuesday went into labour early Thursday and then Erik was born that morning. I dropped in on the way home from the birth centre on the Friday...