Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Interruption to normal programming

We've just returned from a 4 day stay at QEII (the family centre, not the ocean liner) where we've been trying to get to the bottom of Erik's screaming. It was a positive edxperience, but he's by no means fixed yet. The only thing they could tell us was that he's "unsettled" and we've found that he'll sleep reasonably well at night, no matter where he sleeps, but in the day time, likes to be on me in a sling or the Baby Björn poouch. That would be fine, but it hurts my neck and back, and not much gets done. So we're trying to teach him to sleep on his own. Easier said than done really, when he has a sleep cycle of about 20 mins and is unable to settle himself when he wakes. Having said that He's been asleep for more than an hour now, so some progress must have been made!

Anyway, all this means that I will be intermittent for the next little while! Feel free to email me though, I'll try to check in.


Michelle said...

Oh you poor things! Hope Erik's sleeping gets more settled and your lives a bit easier!

Mummy/Crit said...

Thank you, it's pretty all over the place right now,but it should improve. We learned lots of things at QEII!

Julie said...

Oh dear! All my sympathy!! I hope he starts feeling settled soon!