Friday, 18 July 2008

My day

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Well, actually not quite treu of tday, but the last week or so...erik hit 6 weeks with force. he is a screamer. we took him to the clinic where the nurse said 'it sounds like colic, try feeding him a bit less'. needless to say he slept through the visit like a charm and didn't show off his magnificent lung power. I've been feeding him less, though the mammaries aren't impressed, and i'm wondering about the wisdom of it at the 6-8 week appetite increase. the last 2days have been easier - much less screaming, only at cactus hour (now). hoping for continued improvement, and now off to feed!

pls excuse tyops, this is all one handed while holding e in the sling....


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Mummy/Crit said...

thanks julie, things are improving i think - he's much happier between feeds, less screamy, but still a bit tricky to get to sleep. he likes the sling,or just lying on me, but isn';t into being on his own in his bassinette much. i'm hoping this will chsnge with time. he's also really snotty right now, which makes feeding hard, but i've been using breastmilk and saline alterntely to try to clear it.