Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Post-Christmas Post

Christmas morning
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D'Arcy came to us on Christmas Eve (Mondy night) rather than Wednesday as usual. This meant he woke up at my house on Christmas morning, and opened his stocking. The Christmas Father brought him some interesting things, particularly two Bionicles that he put together really quickly. He's getting very good at them.

But of course his big and exciting present was a cubby house from my parents and sister. They came around on Sunday and Monday to construct and paint it. We got quite a lot of dog help with this, as Honey came around too. Honey and Larry get on really well, they play together a fair bit, chasing each other is their favourite. Laz is very patient with Honey, even when she won't stop with the chasing, he doesn't lose his temper. There is a photo of Honey on Flickr showing what happens when a dog tries to help with the painting.

Christmas day was great. We went up to mum's house for lunch, and my Dad was there too. After lunch my uncle and his daughter and ex-wife came around and we had a good time. It was nice and cool so we had the traditional roast - turkey, ham and all the trimmings. Being up the duff, I can no longer get into the Christmas spirit with the same gusto, but it is kind of interesting being the sober person in the room. I did have brandy butter with my pudding though.

We went to Cooma to visit our friend Davy, who was visiting his mum there, and had a lovely day with them and our other friend Peter Chicken, who we took with us. Larrry even played well with Davy's mum's fluff-ball Pomeranians.

Now I'm sick again, and still tired. I have a cold with sinus infection to boot, and D'Arcy has something which gives him a really impressive rash all over his body. We actually went to the doctor yesterday, who reassured me that it wasn't the kind of virus that should be worried about, but it's viral for both of us. It's stupidly hot today, so I'm staying inside, snoozing in front of the telly with the cricket and playing Scrabble on Facebook, and feeling miserable.